Pubblicato da: Pedro | ottobre 24, 2014

Is still making sense to have a Blog?

That’s my question. Depending on the number of comments I will take my decision.

(I have too many international friends to keep going with Italian… sorry I will switch to english, in case I will still have a blog)



  1. well, why not? 🙂

    everyone of us has something to share with the world.. some of us share on GitHub, some of us on Facebook.. some of us, like me, love to choose the most fitting platform each time (usually between the ones I mention, ‘cause I like extremes 🙂 ).. and, somewhere in-between, some of us share on a personal blog..

    so, the question is not whether keeping or not a blog, it is “how am I going to share what comes to my mind with the whoel world”? If you are confortable with other ways of sharing your thoughts, maybe you don’t need a blog..

  2. no, please, stop it!


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