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Sony Ericsson w350i review

After a month of intensive use and abuse i’m now ready to expose my complete opinion about this phone.

I bought this cheap and fashioning cellphone for about 150€ looking for a device able to fully substitute a mp3 player. Because of, I choosed this Sony, member of the “walkman” line as the “w” in the name signs.

Feeling and hardware

The phone is thin, really thin. Sometimes i can’t feel it inside my pocket. The flip is active, since the software recognize its opening and closing. I can’t found a way to refuse an incominc call, this could be a problem if your girlfriend is too stressful. The keys on the external side of the flip are dummy: they press the real keys on the main keyboard. This solution is functional and give good feeling.

My favourite color is orange so, in my opinion the color of the finitures are beatiful.

The display is very bright, In line with the vaio laptops one sometimes is really too bright and can hurt your eyes in the dark. The photocam is good, not good in dark even if night mode activated but you can claim a lot from a 10mm thick device.

In calls, audio quality is not bad, but sure worste than Nokia standards. A little echo can be heard, could be cause of the little size of the device that cause a feedback from speaker to microphone. Nothing too bad.

The keyboard is really small. Firsts times you will often stroke bad keys but after some practics you will be able to write at a decent speed. I can’t suggest this phone to havy sms writers.

There is a single large connector useful for batteries charge, usb connections and headset. This avoid you to use the headset when the phone is charghing. In compensation the cellphone is able to harvest power from usb port charging his battery. There is not a jack or mini jack connector, but you can substitute original hearspeakers with better ones.

Software and connectivity

As a ex Nokia user, i am used to a smart and fast software. There are some differencies that will make yours first experience painful like the space key position and punctuation.

Plugging the usb cable, the phone let you choose for file transfer mode or cellphone mode.
Il file transfer mode the cellphone reboots and the computer can see it as a mass storage device. In this mode the cellphone is offline and charging.
Il cellphone mode the devices is online and you can made some activities from the bundle software. Nothing so usefull for a linux user, bluetooth is mutch standard.

Bluetooth works well, it allows bindings to any device i’ve tried without any problem.

Audio and music

This phone is sell as a walkman, so i expect a quality comparable with others same marked products.
In bundle you can found a headset with detachable speakers. The quality of the headspeaker is not good and the confort is also worste. The output music quality is the real delusion for this phone. Low output power and early distortion makes really difficult to use this phone as a real iPod like device. It’s useful only connected to an external amplifier (i used T-Amp for my tests). From this early analysis i can suppose an impedence matching problem at the output stage.

I can’t test the A2DP functionality because i’m not able to setup this service on my linux laptop, and i don’t have a supported device.


This is styleful phone, small and easy. It’s cheap and has a great bundle. Can be used as “emergency” music provider but is not for real music lovers or audio purists.



  1. you can reject calls by double clicking the volume key, and mute incoming calls by a single press on the same volume key. The supplied headset is average, but intra aural headsets from SE are excellent.

  2. Thank’s! it’s not so easy to found this feature.

    I mean, the headset is not so bad, the output stage of the phone is. The sound is always like crap but the motivation is really different.

  3. Hey how about the power of the battery? will it last a 3 days without charging?

  4. Just 3 days, no more.


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