Pubblicato da: Pedro | aprile 22, 2008

America! – Painting and history from the new world

Last week I visited an exposition about the north america, in the museum of Santa Giulia in Brescia:

This stand is in the main part a painting exposition from the coolest authors of the past two centuries, with some photographs and history videos.

Most of the pictures exposed there, are landscapes. In ‘800 technicals innovations allows the artists to paint directly in the nature using a stand and a color bag. This allows them to take real images and colors from the real world with a photo-realistic level of detail.

The real star of the exposition, without any doubt, was the nature. No one in europe was able to represente a wild nature because in europe was quite hard to find real wild nature. Neverending grassland of the West, the force of the ocean against rocks, and gorgeus fallings; that was the show for the pioneers of these lands.

The path through pictures is interleaved by videos and stands. One of them show us the story of secession war, another one talks about the conquer of the west and the native americans genocide. An entire stand is dedicated to the history of Buffalo Bill and his show around the world.

Visiting “America!” you can feel the american roots and you can understand the american way of thinking. You can try to explain the nowadays behavior of this nation, the need of enemies and frontiers. After the visit, walking in “via dei Musei” you probably will feel proud to be european.

I suggest a visit to the rest of the museum, showing roman rests and sculptures, first of all “La vittoria Alata”.

You have time until 4 of May to visit. The ticket is 12€ (10 with students discount).



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