Pubblicato da: Pedro | aprile 19, 2008

MSN & Co.

Preliminary remarks: this is not a critics to the software himself but is a consideration about the effect who this programs will have on the humanity evolution.

After that, i remember the time when instant messaging was synonymous of ICQ (I seek you) and email was exchanged through Netscape Mail. No smiles, animations or others waste of bandwidth, simply communicating.

Now i can see my cousins who plays with MSN and they can’t write me anything without intrusive animated pictures. No added value, only white informationless noise.

MSN is now the most used im client, I wonder why Netscape has prosecute Microsoft for the inclusion of Internet Explorer in Windows and ICQ doesn’t make the same for MSN? True, the results of the legal action was not really good for Netscape (remember the phantom IE free Windows?).

But, MSN software is not alone in this mess. I can see tons of programs who losted primary functions gaining fancy and unuseful features. One example (guilty of this post’s born) is Incredimail. In highlight on homepage:

  • Send beautiful email backgrounds
  • Add 1000’s of fun emoticons to your emails
  • Enjoy animated email notifiers
  • See exciting 3D effects in your emails
  • Add funny animations to your emails
  • Add cool sounds to your email messages

There’s no way. Internet, is always more lookings like the real world; a stupid place.



  1. Grande Pedro, un ottimo inglese tecnico.. ti ho smascherato solo perchè hai scordato che “lost” è un verbo irregolare (non esiste “losted”!!!), più altri dettagli che ti dico in privato.. cmq ottimo lavoro, nn avrei saputo fare di meglio.


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